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On Campus

Office Hours with SkySource

Sign up for office hours with David Hertz, architect, inventor, educator, and founder of SkySource. SkySource builds products that help communities plan for and respond to global climate change by providing reliable energy and water and that work no matter how volatile the environment becomes.

Talk to David about:

  • Participation in innovation and idea competitions
  • Water infrastructure in the developing world
  • Disaster response and resilience
  • Design and systems thinking


David Hertz led the winning team in the recent $1.5M Water Abundance XPRIZE. His technology adapts atmospheric water generation, usually limited by ambient humidity, and combines it with biogasification technology to make a water-positive and carbon-negative technology unconstrained by climatic conditions. 

His team’s technology achieved its enormous efficiency through this tight integration of water and energy technologies. This interdisciplinary approach is a hallmark of David’s work. Rather than viewing water and energy as opposing forces, David’s systems thinking approach finds synergies where others see trade-offs.

A serial entrepreneur, he previously invented a novel lightweight concrete using post-consumer waste. Beyond his work with SkySource, David is currently the principal architect at his Studio of Environmental Architecture in Venice, CA.