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Nudging Big Buyers Towards Greener Products

Nudging Big Buyers Towards Greener Products

Featuring Yalmaz Siddiqui, Senior Director, Environmental Strategy, Office Depot

Michael Murphy, Executive Director, Worldwide Regulatory Compliance Engineering & Environmental Affairs, Dell Inc.

Moderated by Dr. Anastasia O’Rourke (Yale ’09), Principal, DEKRA Sustainability

Can consumers make the world a better place by voting with their dollars? Sustainability marketing aimed at individuals doesn’t always translate to the business-to-business marketplace. Today, the largest scale green product choices are being made not in the living rooms of environmentally conscious consumers, but rather in the purchasing offices of institutions. Big buyers such as corporations, governments and universities have largely been the ones driving products to become more environmentally sustainable. However, purchasers’ requirements and interests vary widely, and retailers and suppliers alike therefore adopt different marketing approaches across audiences and product categories.

Retailers serve a critical role in filtering and selecting the right product mix to sell to consumers, using green labels, standards, and catalogues to highlight certain brands and products. Suppliers want their green products to be recognized and featured by retailers. How do retailers and suppliers work together to sell greener products and effectively market them to customers? How do both groups use marketing to nudge big buyers towards more environmentally sustainable products? This event will explore these and other questions with representatives from two top leaders in selling green products: Dell and Office Depot.

Below is the full recording from the event. See above for video highlights.

This event is part of the Colloquium on Sustainability Marketing. Sponsored by DEKRA, this speaker series aims to unravel and address the challenges of creating environmentally sustainable products, services and brands that customers love.



Yalmaz Siddiqui

Vice President, Corporate Sustainability at MGM Resorts International

Michael Murphy

Executive Director, Worldwide Regulatory Compliance Engineering & Environmental Affairs at Dell Inc.

Anastasia O'Rourke

Managing Director at Yale Carbon Containment Lab
PhD in Environmental Management 2009