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Investing for Impact: Matthew Weatherly-White, CAPROCK

Described as “ The Philosopher King of Impact Investing”, Matthew Weatherly-White is a co-founder and Managing Director of The CAPROCK Group. A multi-family office based in Boise,ID advising over 3 Billion dollars, roughly 1/3rd of which has been deployed with an eye towards impact investing: pursuing positive financial return while simultaneously creating durable, measurable social and environmental value. Shaping The CAPROCK Group’s initiative in Impact Investing,  Matthew has lectured and presented all over the world, and has been featured in much of the world's financial media, on sustainable business management and extra-financial value creation. More recently, he successfully shepherded two pieces of legislation through the Idaho Statehouse: the first authorizing Pay For Success Contracting and the second awarding legal status to businesses structured as Benefit Corporations.

Quoted in Forbes, Weatherley-White explains, "I find the notion that capital markets should not be morally reflective laughable. Of course they reflect our morals. The question is not whether or not they should reflect our morals. The question is 'What morals do we want them to reflect.’” Join us for a lively discussion on geophysics, tsunamis, future-proofing your portfolio and how the power of capitalism and the capital markets can be harnessed to drive positive outcomes. As Weatherley-White has written, "At some point in the future, it will simply be unacceptable to deploy capital with utter disregard for the environmental or social consequences of doing so.” 

Co-hosted by SOM Responsible Investing Club and Yale Center for Business and the Environment