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Indigenous Land Dispossession: Justin Farrell, Yale University

This lecture is part of the Yale Energy Justice Speaker Series and will be led by Justin Farrell, Professor of Sociology at Yale University.

Justin's research focuses on cultural sociology and environmental politics. He blends ethnographic fieldwork with large-scale computational techniques from network science and machine learning.  

His scholarly work has been published by Science, Princeton University Press, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Climate Change, the American Sociological Review, Environmental Research Letters, Social Problems, and funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Science Foundation.  

His books and articles have won national scholarly awards, and he regularly presents to policymakers, including the U.S. Senate, the United Nations, the Vatican, and in major media outlets such as the New York Times, The Economist, New York Review of Books, LA Times, NPR, Washington Post, HBO, and the Financial Times. 

Justin is a proud first-generation college grad and Wyoming native. 

Related reading:

Farrell et al. (2021) “Effects of Land Dispossession and Forced Migration on Indigenous Peoples in North America” 


Miss the event? Watch the recording;