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Energy Justice and Public Health: Surili Patel, Metropolitan Group

This lecture is part of the Yale Energy Justice Speaker Series and will be led by Surili Patel, Vice President, Metropolitan Group

Surili Patel is the Vice President at Metropolitan Group and the co-founder at Aawaz4Climate. In her previous work as Director of the American Public Health Association's Center for Climate, Health and Equity she worked to inspire action and advance policy that addresses climate change at the nexus of health equity. As Deputy Director for the Center for Public Health Policy, Ms. Patel led the organization’s most notable environmental health programs, including water safety and security, children’s environmental health, tribal public and environmental health, environmental health messaging, transportation and health, and healthy community design. She champions diversity and advances health equity and environmental justice while promoting public health solutions. 

Reading: McMonagal et. al. “Advancing Energy Justice as a Climate and Public Health Solution.”