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California Schemin'

Innovative Financing for Energy Efficiency

A key challenge to energy consumers adopting energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings and operations is a lack of available financing to overcome the first cost barrier that often stops larger EE projects in their tracks, even when there is a compelling return on investment. Recognizing this barrier, California is tackling energy efficiency financing on multiple fronts, including innovative utility-sector policies and programs that are being developed and implemented by the state’s investor-owned utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission for various end-use sectors. This Webinar will review recent developments in the field and (while following Casey Stengel’s admonition to “never make predictions, especially about the future”) will explore potential solutions to the energy efficiency financing gap in California and beyond, including those involving credit enhancements, non-utility capital sources, on-bill mechanisms, and others, some of which are described in “Recommendations for Energy Efficiency Finance Pilot Programs”.

Blueprint for Efficiency - California Schemin’ Innovative Financing for Energy Efficiency - 04 02 2013 4-2-13 12.06 PM from Ben Butterworth on Vimeo.