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Beyond the Circular Economy: Addressing Disruptions in Forest Products

Businesses all over the world have started to pick up on the concept of “circular economy” which transforms the “take, make, waste” economy into one where outputs become inputs and products are used to their full capacity. The packaging industry is experiencing global disruptions. This talk from Accenture will focus on WHY it is a business advantage for the forest products industry to “pivot to the new” and what it takes to get there.

We are excited to welcome Amy Callahan, Managing Director at Accenture and Lucyann Murray (MBA/MF '17), Management Consultant at Accenture, to Yale's campus for this exciting talk!

Lunch will be served. This event is co-hosted with the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology.

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Lucyann Murray

Management Consultant at Accenture Natural Resources
MBA 2017
Master of Forestry 2017