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Workforce and Contractor Development Intern


About Elevate:

Elevate is an Illinois-based nonprofit, with extensive programs in historically marginalized communities in-state, regionally, and nationwide. We use an equity lens to design and implement energy efficiency, solar, building decarbonization, clean water, and workforce development programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure that program benefits reach those who need them most.

The opportunity:

The Workforce and Contractor Development team supports building wealth through the clean energy economy. We train and support cohorts of job trainees and business trainees, with the goal for participants to reach their goals, build wealth, and nurture future generations. We develop networks of support for people who have traditionally been underserved or left out of economic opportunities. To do this, we collaborate with local community partners to provide access to training, resources, and jobs to ensure an equitable, inclusive, and high-caliber clean energy workforce. We have a strong model of program delivery, and we want to stay well-informed about current trends and best practices.

The intern will curate a literature review of the newest findings related to workforce development and contractor development, particularly in historically marginalized communities. This project will also allow the team to evaluate our current strategies in program implementation. In addition to this project, this internship will be adaptable for the intern to grow and develop based on interests and skills. The intern will work with their leader to develop a plan for other projects or topics. Some possibilities include: program evaluation, developing a standard operating procedure for the team to use in program delivery, participant engagement, etc.

The intern will report to the Principal Director of Workforce and Contractor Development Melissa Gombar, M.S.


This will be a remote internship, with hybrid opportunities if the candidate is in the Chicagoland area.

How to apply:

Please submit:

  • your resume 
  • a cover letter (no more than 2 pages) to include:
    • your interest in this project
    • any relevant background/experience
    • why you believe this work is important
    • share any important identity or identities you hold. Note that this is completely optionalExamples of identities that may be important to you might include (but are not limited to): gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, generation, education level, cultural identity, occupation, sexuality, family structure, housing status, mental health (health status/ability), incarceration status, institution affiliation, primary language, religion, immigration status, medical history, first-generation, income/ socio-economic class, quality of education, occupation, and/or parent's education.

Please email the above directly to with “CBEY Planetary Solutions Internship Program in Clean Energy/Elevate” in the subject line. Please also copy Application deadline is 11:59 PM ET on March 27th.