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Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF)


About the Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF):

Colorado Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit financial institution that utilizes and leverages mission-driven capital to fill finance gaps in Colorado’s clean energy markets. CCEF operates on the “Green Bank” model that was successfully pioneered in other states, like Connecticut and New York, and identifies un-and under-served clean energy opportunities in Colorado and works with a variety of stakeholders to structure finance solutions to bring those opportunities to fruition.

The Opportunity:

CCEF is aiming to develop a number of projects and programs in 2023 that a CBEY intern would play a major role in. Depending on the intern’s areas of interest, project work may include:

  • Colorado Energy Equity Gap Report - Working to develop and refine an equity gap analysis of the state of Colorado for the benefit of identifying and qualifying the most disadvantaged communities. This would be utilized as a guide for helping CCEF and its collaborative partners to better serve Coloradoans.
  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund - The Inflation Reduction Act passed in 2022 included a multi-billion dollar, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund that will support investment in projects and innovations intended to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution. A large portion of the funds are outlined for renewable energy projects that will benefit low-income and disadvantaged communities. While there are still many details to be determined related to the deployment and administration of the funds, there should be an opportunity for the intern to contribute to the support of programs and projects spurred by the GHGRF capital that will focus on Colorado’s disadvantaged communities.

The intern will report to CCEF’s Chief Operating Officer, Dave Harris.


This will be a remote internship, although there will be opportunities for the intern to join the CCEF team in-person in Colorado for team retreats during the program. 

How to apply:

Please submit:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter (no more than 2 pages) to include:
    • Your interest in this project
    • Any relevant background/experience
    • Why you believe this work is important
    • Share any important identity or identities you hold. Note that this is completely optional. Examples of identities that may be important to you might include (but are not limited to): gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, generation, education level, cultural identity, occupation, sexuality, family structure, housing status, mental health (health status/ability), incarceration status, institution affiliation, primary language, religion, immigration status, medical history, first-generation, income/ socio-economic class, quality of education, occupation, and/or parent’s education.

Please email the above directly to Dave Harris at with “CBEY Planetary Solutions Internship Program in Clean Energy/CCEF” in the subject line. Please also copy Application deadline is 11:59 PM ET on March 27th.