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Tristanne Davis

MBA Candidate at IE Business School
Master of Environmental Management 2016
Tristanne Davis

Tristanne Davis is a Senior Manager with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) and joined GreenBlue in November 2017.  Her primary work with the SPC involves helping to shape and manage its Industry Leadership Committee initiatives, and leading the development of the SPC’s newly launched Engage event. She also works to develop and deliver content on a range of topics for the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging program, including new content and partnerships in emerging areas like eCommerce, chemical recycling, forest products and the bioeconomy. Tristanne is based in Luxembourg and is working to build relationships with SPC members based in Europe.

Tristanne received a Masters degree in Environmental Management from the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University in 2015. After graduating, she received a Fulbright Scholarship to continue her studies as an MBA Candidate at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

During her time at Yale she focused her studies on corporate sustainability and industrial ecology. She has a background in environmental economics and received her BA in Economics from Skidmore College in 2010. Prior to F&ES, she worked in environmental consulting for government and international clients in Washington, DC on diverse projects valuing ecosystem services. She also spent a year working in Nicaragua with a nonprofit organization that researches climate smart agriculture and food security on its 26 acre demonstrative agroforestry farm. She is interested in sustainability and climate change mitigation in global product supply chains and her studies span product lifecycles from cradle (resource extraction, agriculture, product design) to cradle (recycling and waste management). She was co-leader of STIGMA, F&ES’ ethnobotany student interest group.