Thomas Mehl

Master of Advanced Management , 2017
Thomas has operated in African and Australasian natural resource investments for nine years with a USA endowment fund. After helping to launch the private equity vehicle from the United Kingdom, he became directly involved in investing, developing and operating the natural resource assets. These included nut tree, livestock, maize, wheat, soybean and several other horticultural projects. In addition to a PV solar project, he has also worked in several alternative investments like African buffalo and calculating the Carbon Footprint of irrigated cotton. At present Thomas is developing his own almond orchard over 333 acres with strategic investment partners.
Thomas has specific expertise in agriculture, finance, insurance, investments, private equity, legal, human resources, operations, strategy and general management. He holds a B.Sc Agricultural Economics degree and a B.Com Investment Management degree from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He obtained his MBA from the University of Cape Town which was augmented with an exchange program to Melbourne Business School in Australia.
Besides playing bagpipes, Thomas is also passionate about cricket. His primary ambition is to be part of a natural resources team that aspires to build sustainable businesses through the best possible risk adjusted returns. Concurrently, Thomas is committed to establishing businesses that create meaningful value for our socio-economic and environmental landscape for the benefit of future generations.
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