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Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance (YISF)

Research Streams

These four research streams help guide our search for clarity in the many facets of sustainable finance. With the framework they provide, the YISF team is well-equipped to navigate the field and push forward towards understanding.

Hear more from the team in this brief video: 

Read on about YISF research streams:  

1. Refining ESG Data for Companies' Disclosure

Sustainability-minded investors yearn for stronger, more consistent reporting to aid in their decisions.

2. Defining Green Standards for Fixed Income and Green Bonds

YISF strives to shed light on the growing green market and assess the challenges it faces.

3. Defining and Applying Materiality to Guide Corporate Disclosure

Companies often rely on disparate definitions of materiality, which leads to inconsistencies in reporting and confusion for investors. YISF's recently published paper on materiality in corporate reporting in the food sector examines the challenges involved.

4. Delivering Value to Investors from Sustainability

YISF explores possibilities for new reporting systems that could better inform companies and investors.