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Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance (YISF)

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Diane Strauss

[Podcast] A Conversation with Diane Strauss, Program Director of the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance



Journal of Environmental Investing cover

Special Issue of the Journal of Environmental Investing, volume 8, no. 1: State of ESG Data and Metrics

Guest edited by Yale's own Dan Esty and Todd Cort, this special issue of the Journal of Environmental Investing brings together 16 articles that cover the question of the state of ESG data. Beginners and experts alike will learn about the ecosystem of ESG data and metrics in Dan Esty and Todd Cort's article, "Corporate Sustainability Metrics: What Investors Need and Don't Get", the impact of corporate controversy in Lee et al.'s study, "Do Corporate Controversies Help or Hurt Performance? A Study of Three Portfolio Strategies", the application of machine learning to sustainable finance in Allen et al.'s research, and much more.

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