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Visiting Mentors - FAQs for Mentors

What is the Alumni Visiting Mentors Program?

CBEY created the Alumni Expert in Residence series to sponsor alumni back to campus as a resource for students. Each cohort of Mentors will consist of professionals across industries from the Yale Alumni Community. 

What kind of support are students looking for?

In general, students are curious about career trajectories, industry trends or seeking class project support. The questions they ask in meetings range from overviews of Mentors’ careers; the challenges they faced; what they wished they had done differently; or advice on how to get an internship or job. 

What is the time commitment from Mentors?

The amount of time Mentors are willing and able to commit varies. Ideally, CBEY envisions the engagement to be 20 hours over the course of the academic year. These meetings are typically held remotely and occur during both the fall and spring semesters. If possible, Mentors can come to campus and meet with students in person.  

If the meetings are in person and on campus, do they entail more than just office hours? 

Usually, yes! Depending on a Mentor's availability, campus visits can consist of group meals, faculty meetings, class presentations, or panel participation. Note that the majority of these meetings are remote and do not meet in person. 

What’s in it for the Mentor? 

In return for a Mentor's time and generosity to re-engage with the Yale community, CBEY is dedicated to assisting Mentors however possible. This assistance can range from facilitating student support on a project at their organization or connecting Mentors to researchers at Yale. Let us know how we can support your work!

I’m an alumnus and I would really love to participate in this program. How do I join?

We thank you for your interest! All requests to join next year’s cohort can be sent to CBEY Associate Director Heather Fitzgerald at