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Sustainable Business Capstone Consulting Clinic

Students working

Become a client for the Sustainable Business Capstone Consulting Clinic course at Yale!

You have a unique opportunity to help with student learning and receive consulting services on a challenge at the intersection of business and environmental sustainability.

Each Spring, Peter Boyd (CBEY Resident Fellow and Lecturer at Yale) teaches Sustainable Business Capstone Consulting at YSE. The course is designed for students to apply tools and insights gained in this and other courses to a defined project, creating useful insights and deliverables for participating organizations. You can see the syllabus here (you'll need to enter your email address for access).

If your project is selected, you’ll work with students to help them first understand the area you want them to tackle, then be their client as they work on your agreed objectives. The project will be co-designed to provide a rich learning experience for the student while delivering useful end-products to further your wider goals. Some projects have even resulted in a post-project article like this one in GreenBiz.

Sound interesting? Want the bright minds of talented Yale graduate students working on an issue you are facing? Complete a short Google Form to have your potential project considered. 

To be considered for the Spring 2024 course, please submit your interest via this Google Form by October 27, 2023.