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Writer, Clean Energy Finance Forum

Clean Energy Finance Forum (CEFF) is a digital news publication that is produced twice a month, is read by 7,000 subscribers, and is the top-ranked English-language news source for professionals interested in learning more about energy efficiency and solar finance.

The main objectives of the publication are the following:

  • Inform finance professionals in the public and private sectors on the most important developments and news in energy efficiency and solar finance
  • Provide journalists with an in-depth source of the most relevant issues to cover in the popular press and trade publications
  • Accelerate the adoption of new or existing financial products developed to spur investment in the clean energy economy
  • Train graduate students to become experts in energy efficiency finance and solar finance and offer them a professional opportunity to learn how to communicate the nuances of environmental finance to a large and diverse audience

Yale students write for CEFF on a wide range of topics from distributed generation to property-assessed clean energy. We focus on news and interviews rather than opinion pieces. Students typically contribute one or two articles per semester, with the opportunity to write more if they are able. Some students also have key roles on our team involving project management, board recruitment, marketing and social media.

The student writing team researches material for the newsletter, works with the editor to develop original content for the publication, attends conferences to make industry contacts and report on new developments, creates profiles of featured thought leaders in the field and identify new trends and activities in energy efficiency and solar finance. 

Benefits of participating in the CEFF writing team can include:

  • Improving your online visibility and Google searchability
  • Establishing professional expertise
  • Learning about clean energy finance
  • Exploring potential research topics
  • Networking and meeting potential employers