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Teaching Assistants, Financing and Deploying Clean Energy

"Hands down the best student job that I have had over my academic career."

-Recent Teaching Assistant

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment has developed online tools to train working professionals and accelerate the deployment and financing of clean energy.

Who can apply?

YSE, YLS, or SOM matriculated students only. These positions are not open to undergraduates.

Before you apply

We are recruiting teaching assistants for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semester to complete our teaching team and deliver a world-class and beautifully ambitious curriculum to a cohort of working professionals in the clean energy field. 

NOTE THAT WE DO NOT FOLLOW YSE, YLS, OR SOM’S ACADEMIC CALENDARS OR BREAKS. Please make sure to check the position dates below and confirm that you are able to commit for the duration of the position before applying.

General FDCE Program Information

As part of a pilot program for Yale, CBEY launched a certificate in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy (FDCE) in July 2019. The first cohort graduated in June 2020, and 100+ participants in the FDCE ’23 cohort will start this year’s academic program in July. 

This program trains working professionals and develops their skills in four key areas of the clean energy sector through four core online courses:

  • Fall:
    • Clean Energy Policy, led by Rob Klee and Dan Esty;
    • Technology Transitions, led by Narasimha Rao, Michael Oristaglio, and Ronald Smith;
  • Spring:
    • Renewable Energy Project Finance, led by Dan Gross; and
    • Innovation, led by Richard Kauffman.

Over the past four years, our team of Yale students, faculty, and staff from across the University has worked on developing the program, including an online curriculum tailored to working professionals, video production, online content development, online education business models development, cultivating new marketing and sales channels, setting up the administrative infrastructure and more. Learn more about the team here.

# of Positions, Dates, and Workload 

At least four teaching assistants will work with faculty and with the Online Programs Delivery Manager for a duration of 10 weeks, including eight weeks of active coursework and two weeks to prepare and/or wrap up the course. For each course, a few of the TAs will start work two weeks prior to the beginning of the course, while others will start on the first day of class and work until two weeks after the last day of the course.

Please pay attention to the dates below and refer to the website for specific course dates. 

Currently, we are hiring for:

Clean Energy Policy Course

  • Each position runs for 10 weeks from August 4 to October 14, 2022
  • Average weekly workload expected: 10 to 15 hours

Technology Transitions Course 

  • Each position runs for 10 weeks from October 10 to December 19
  • Average weekly workload expected: 10 to 15 hours

Renewable Energy Project Finance Course

  • Each position runs for 10 weeks from January 9 to March 20, 2023
  • Average weekly workload expected: 10 to 15 hours

Innovation Course

  • Each position runs for 10 weeks from March 13 to May 22, 2023
  • Average weekly workload expected: 10 to 15 hours
Tasks and Duties

Teaching assistants will:

  • Assist the Online Programs Delivery Manager, faculty members, and guest experts in delivering a thoughtful approach to online education; 
  • Review course content (videos, discussions, quizzes, and large assignments like policy memos) and interact with online Certificate participants, providing support as needed, by explaining concepts and working through problems either during office hours or by writing down directions and explanations in a shared discussion platform; 
  • Review participant submissions on online forums and respond to them, prodding assumptions, and facilitating online conversations; 
  • Grade large assignments (policy memos, discussion questions, mixed quantitative and qualitative quizzes) and manage the Canvas grade book; 
  • Summarize on a regular basis the weekly content; 
  • Compile participants questions and summarize areas that need further explanation for faculty members and the Online Programs Delivery Manager; 
  • Lead office hours; 
  • Occasionally lead discussion groups and other events (on content or careers); 
  • Occasionally record explainers on concepts that are particularly tricky for participants; 
  • Light web-authoring and content development in Canvas; 
  • Research additional topics as needed; 
  • Other minor tasks relating to the delivery of the program as assigned by CBEY. 
This is for you if:
  • You are passionate about the clean energy transition or climate change mitigation;
  • You are an excellent professional communicator;
  • You are proactive and interested in learning and experimentation;
  • You are familiar with online tools and if not, you can pick up new skills quickly and are interested in doing so;
  • You can work independently, and handle project management efficiently;
  • You are confident and respectful in your interaction with stakeholders, from students, staff, faculty, external vendors, and experts across functions;
  • You follow through and can adjust your course of action based on feedback;
  • You like other humans and it shows!
Location/Time Zone

Remote or in-person based on Yale’s public health guidelines. If remote, applicants need to be able to work and meet remotely with the CBEY team on New Haven time weekly. 

Required Equipment

You will need your own computer (standard laptop or desktop with a webcam) and your own internet access with sufficient bandwidth to stream video lectures and handle Zoom videoconferencing for meetings.

What recent TAs have said about this experience:

"I would recommend this job to anyone that is interested in working in an entrepreneurial environment with lots of responsibility, autonomy, and self-direction."

“It’s essentially the thesis of my degree program, in a way. At least, it is one way I look at it. I took some version of these at YSE, and the FDCE program let me keep working on those topics in a different way.”

"I was never shy about reaching out to any of the participants to ask them a question or learn more about what they're doing. Now we are hearing about some interesting job opportunities from the FDCE participants and sharing them with Yale students. I also loved working with Dan Gross more and being able to develop that closer relationship with the faculty. As a side note, it made my job as a TA for the Yale REPF course actually easier!"

"Hands down the best student job that I have had over my academic career."


$4500 for each 10-week course.