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Student Manager - Power & Race in Community, Business, and the Environment

Power & Race in Community, Business, and the Environment is a monthly discussion group with Resident Fellow Tagan Engel.

This multidisciplinary group of Yale graduate and professional school students will come together in a monthly discussion group to dig into real-world challenges and inspiring examples of liberatory, intersectional, anti-oppressive practices in businesses, organizations, and communities to adapt these learnings into their lives and work. 

Sessions will center on the topics of food systems, regenerative business models, racial, economic, and environmental justice, community-driven work, and workers’ rights. We will examine concrete ways to put intersectional equity and inclusion into practice and the importance of listening and relationship building in doing this work. We will learn from nature, global indigenous approaches, and movement and industry leaders about real-world examples; to dig into practical ways to shift power dynamics and prioritize life, all people and the planet.   

The group will use engaging multi-media content including guest speakers, videos, podcasts, and social media, with not more than one or two hours of preparation materials per month.  A diverse range of guest speakers will be drawn from the New Haven, national and international communities. Group sessions will be interactive with a mix of full group and small group discussions and will include lunch from New Haven BIPOC-owned restaurants. A primary focus will be placed on how to put liberatory, regenerative, and anti-racist learnings into practice in students’ real-world experiences. 

The student manager will:
  • assist CBEY Resident Fellow, Tagan Engel with planning and execution of details
  • support communications and liaisons with the student group 
  • document participation and feedback from students 
  • help coordinate and facilitate sessions
  • help recruit and select participants
  • help coordinate guest speakers as needed
  • We expect this position will require 10 - 15 hours per month. 
  • Pay is Yale student rate of $15.75 per hour.
  • Hours are flexible except for group meeting times listed below. 
  • Session Dates are one Friday a month from 12:00 - 1:30 pm  Sept-May -  Exact session dates TBD 
Who can apply? 

Graduate or undergraduate (matriculated) students only