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Producer, Beyond the Buzzwords

A bit about Beyond the Buzzwords

Beyond the Buzzwords is a CBEY and Tsai CITY initiative where Yale experts break down the buzzwords often used in sustainable innovation. Popularly used concepts are defined in detail as well as their potential as a catalyst for innovation. Beyond the Buzzwords lives on the internet as a multimedia website with curated resources, combining original written and video content with what’s already on the web. The goal is to educate and inform folks inside and outside of Yale so that they can develop and communicate their own solutions, or engage with solutions in the wild. 

Possible topics include circular economy, impact investing, net zero, regenerative agriculture, social enterprise, and carbon removal.

A bit about the role (6 hours per week)

You will be responsible for coordinating with experts and pulling together multiple forms of content in a single digital location. Specifically, that means you would:

  • Reach out to Yale experts and work with them to create engaging content
  • Write and edit a clear explanatory narrative that ties together multiple resources
  • Work with web developers and Yale staff on content and style
  • Promote resources through channels inside and outside of Yale
  • Help to collect and edit “talking head”-style videos

Don’t worry, you won’t be on your own! You will work in a team of 2-3 students and under the guidance of CBEY and Tsai CITY staff.

Let’s talk about you
  • Passion for sustainable innovation
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creative and adaptive
  • Understanding of web development
  • Understanding of video production and editing preferred
How we roll

The position will be primarily in person, with some flexibility for meetings to happen remotely.


Aishwarya Kuruttukulam (, CBEY and Tsai CITY’s Environmental Innovation Fellow will be supervising this team and can answer any questions you may have.

--Note this role is cross-posted with Tsai CITY--