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Coordinator, Green Innovator Community

​​​​​A bit about the Green Innovator Community

The Yale & Friends Green Innovator community was started as a way to facilitate connections among student, alumni, and community entrepreneurs via community events, a newsletter and the creation and management of a LinkedIn group. The aim is to provide a space for conversation, inspiration and exchange of ideas and opportunities not just among innovators at Yale, but beyond to also include the wider New Haven community.

A bit about the role

In your role as a coordinator for the Yale and Friends Green Innovator Community, you would:

  • Identify and add new innovators to the Green Innovator database and LinkedIn groups
  • Work with the environmental startup funding team to add applicants to grants and prizes into the database and LinkedIn group
  • Organize creative community events (in-person and remote) to allow for the exchange of ideas and community building
  • Support the creation of a curated newsletter of highlights, opportunities and news for the community
  • Support the Climate Innovation Fall Intensive by sourcing partners, potential mentors and startups from the extended ecosystem
  • Promote relevant opportunities to specific members of the community

Don’t worry, you won’t be on your own! You will work with the environmental startup funding team and under the guidance of CBEY and Tsai CITY staff.

Let’s talk about you
  • Passion for environmental sustainability
  • Strong interest in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Ability to stay organized and interest in creating a community
  • Writing and communication skills
  • Some graphic design/social media experience preferred
How we roll

The position will be primarily in person, with some flexibility for meetings to happen remotely.


Aishwarya Kuruttukulam (, CBEY and Tsai CITY’s Environmental Innovation Fellow will be supervising this team and can answer any questions you may have.