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Climate Markets & Energy Certificates under the Paris Agreement - Summer Research Intern

The Yale openlab, along with multiple collaborators, is spearheading the effort of researching and developing applications of blockchain for carbon and climate accounting. Following two design sprints, one at Yale and one at Oxford, as well as a Hackathon at Yale-NUS in Singapore we are ready to start building. Over the summer you will be working in agile sprints to develop the prototype, an alpha version and kickstart a global open-source project and community. You will be part of the research team to develop frameworks, opportunities, and constraints that need to be considered on the software side of a platform built for the use of countries, cities, and corporations to track their climate pledges.

  • Lead and compile the research on post-2020 climate markets under the Paris agreement

  • Lead and compile the research on Renewable Energy Certificates in the New England region and its relationship with the US EPA.

  • Translate research into design frameworks that inform the product development team, and participate in product development

  • Curate documentation into editorial format for eventual whitepaper publication

  • Perform data analysis when necessary

  • Undergraduate or ideally master student in environmental studies or with a strong background on climate policy

  • Passion for climate and energy policy, governance, data science

  • Strong interest in blockchain, IoT, Big Data and machine learning



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