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Blueprint for Clean Energy – Webinar Host

The Blueprint for Clean Energy webinar series is in its ninth year and focuses on new developments, trends, and opportunities in clean energy and energy efficiency. Through presentations from leaders in the corporate, nonprofit, and public-private arenas, we explore clean energy (energy efficiency, solar, storage, etc) through the lenses of behavior, policy, finance, and technology.  This team works in close coordination with the Clean Energy Finance Forum team to explore topics in clean energy finance related to energy efficiency and solar.

The Blueprint for Clean Energy series runs from October through May with monthly online webinars that are free and open to the public. The series is entirely student-run, with a small team responsible for developing the overall content of the series in addition to conducting outreach for speakers, hosting and managing the webinars. Work on the webinar teams will include

  • Attending meetings with other CBEY RAs working on webinars
  • Coordinating with CEFF editor on topics and themes planned for the series
  • Reaching out to potential presenters
  • Reading through any necessary background materials associated with the webinar theme and pick out some key questions/findings to guide the conversation
  • Taking the lead to post and promote upcoming webinars (through the CBEY website, newsletter and through the Clean Energy Finance Forum)
  • Moderate the actual webinar (introduce the presenter, take questions from the audience, etc.)
  • (When applicable) Write follow up articles for the Clean Energy Finance Forum

Please direct any questions about this opportunity to

To apply for this position, email your resume and 1-2 paragraph statement of interest to