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National guidebook maps the way toward ‘tipping points’ in solar adoption #SolarizeBook  

New guide based on @YaleFES + @DukeFuqua research explains what accelerates solar adoption #SolarizeBook  

Q: How to support job growth & workforce investment in your community? A: Run a Solarize campaign #SolarizeBook  


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How can you accelerate the adoption of residential solar? Find out from #SolarizeBook #SunShot

Find out WHAT to do when fostering a local solar market and WHY to do it. #SolarizeBook  

Running a Solarize campaign offers communities social benefits beyond simply more solar panels. #SolarizeBook  



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Solarize Your Community: An Evidence-Based Guide for Accelerating the Adoption of Residential Solar #SolarizeBook 

Solarize Your Community: A partnership by Yale Center for Business and the Environment, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Duke Fuqua, CT Green Bank, SmartPower, and U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. #SolarizeBook 

Solarize Your Community: A striking business case that can be replicated in your community. #SolarizeBook


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