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The Producer Partnership Energy Independence Plan

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Five Yale students designed an off-grid renewable energy system for a meat processing plant in Montana. The plant’s nonprofit owner sought to achieve independence from the local energy grid. The Yale team recommended a hybrid solar-wind-storage system, plus a backup gas generator, to optimize cost and reliability.

Key Points

  • Large commercial and small industrial operations can utilize 100% renewable hybrid configurations to self-generate clean power while maintaining reliability.
  • Businesses can benefit from consultants with specific insights in renewable energy to design and implement personalized renewable energy systems and perform diligence for specific jurisdictions.
  • The off-grid model presented here is replicable worldwide.
  • Industry professionals can replicate these best practices in system modeling, power cost modeling, supply research, legal diligence, and grant aid research.


Yale TPP Student Team

Yale TPP Student Team (from left to right): Ayush Acharya1, Joe Boland2, Caroline Heilbrun1, Helena  Lam1, Steve Yannacone1

1Yale School of the Environment
2Yale College

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