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Defining Net-Zero

Things that can help us achieve Net Zero

For the world to meet the Paris Agreement goals, every company and organization should take responsibility for its emissions.  But how do we translate an ambitious global goal—net-zero emissions by 2050—to the level of an organization? 

This report defines four ways to make a net-zero commitment clear to an organization’s stakeholders:

  • What scope of emissions does the commitment address? 
  • Is the commitment proportional to the organization’s global contribution to climate change? 
  • Are offsetting investments tied to the Paris Agreement’s global carbon budget? 
  • And does the commitment account for the greenhouse gases the organization has put into the atmosphere in the past?

A shared definition of net-zero emissions will add focus to the world’s climate crisis response.  We invite you to read the report and to share how your organization defines and approaches net-zero via this survey:

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About the Authors

Peter Boyd

Faculty at Yale School of the Environment
Founder & CEO at Time4Good Group
Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Casey R. Pickett

Director of the Carbon Charge at Yale University
MBA 2011
Master of Environmental Management 2011

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