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Yale Responsible Investing Coalition

The Yale Responsible Investing Coalition explores environmental, social and governance issues for institutional investors. In 2014, the Coalition also hosted the first of its kind National Low-Carbon Portfolio Case Competition, which grapples with the question of how to satisfy reduced-carbon client demands while still meeting return, liquidity and risk standards.

Yale Responsible Investing Coalition

The U.S. responsible investing (RI) market is nearly $4 trillion and growing quickly, with an expected market size of 15 percent of all assets under investment by 2015. Climate change has become a pivotal issue for many fund managers in addressing client concerns, especially surrounding risky or controversial investments in the highest carbon-emitting companies. But how can managers satisfy reduced-carbon client demands while still meeting risk, return, and liquidity standards? The Yale Low-Carbon Case Competition encourages necessary innovation and development in this field.

The Coalition, in november of 2014, hosted a first of its kind National Low-Carbon Portfolio Case Competition, which provides MBA and sustainability-focused graduate students from across the country with an opportunity to help address the concerns of strategic institutional investors regarding climate change. The winning team will receive $10,000 in prize money as well as an opportunity to pitch their solution at the Commonfund Forum in March 2015.

Beyond the competition, this inaugural event provides alumni, students and faculty a chance to engage with leading thinkers in a conversation around reducing the carbon intensity of institutional portfolios. This year's event will bring together an exciting slate of speakers, both industry investors and academics, from across the United States. Panels will cover topics including: how endowments are approaching the low carbon investing issue, how investment advisors and managers are responding, and a discussion around metrics to measure carbon intensity.

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People & Partners

Lindsey Brace Martinez

Founder and CEO at StarPoint Advisors, LLC
MBA 1995
Master of Environmental Science 1995

Jancy Langley

Case Team Leader at The Bridgespan Group
MBA 2015
Master of Environmental Management 2015

Eitan Hochster

VP of Business Development at Odyssey Energy Solutions
MBA 2016
Master of Environmental Management 2016