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Technology & Sustainability

Demonstrating the connection between sustainability, technology and innovation.

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Technology & Sustainability became a programmatic focus of CBEY in the 2018-2019 academic year. We inspire sustainable thinking at Yale by equipping students with skills, tools, and professional connections to intersect their subject matter expertise with technological tools and concepts. 


Technology offers tremendous potential for designing solutions to address global climate and sustainability challenges. As businesses, governments, and organizations increasingly turn toward data to drive decision making and new technology to improve their practices, it has become vital for environmental managers and sustainability professionals to understand the intersection of their field and emerging technologies. The Technology and Sustainability Program at CBEY will foster curiosity and engage the Yale community with the application of technology in the environmental field. Through a speaker series, workshops, and discussion groups, students will learn to separate evidence from enthusiasm, evaluate use cases, develop and apply hard skills, and grapple with the ethics of next-generation technologies.


  • Facilitate connections between emerging technologies and cutting-edge sustainable thinking 
  • Provide opportunities for students to learn and engage with high-impact technologies and their connections to environmental solutions.
  • Develop the technology and sustainability ecosystem at Yale by collaborating with the various like-minded organizations of Yale and beyond.

CBEY holds speaker series, intensives, workshops and other events that highlight intersections of technology, data, and sustainability. This gives students the opportunity to develop their skills in technology while expanding the frameworks they can use to build solutions. Topics we explore in Technology & Sustainability range from artificial intelligence to biomimicry, traditional design, data science, and technology as activism. 

Through the Technology & Sustainability program, CBEY also provides innovation office hours and online toolkits as additional resources for students. 

Contact Lawrence Early to schedule office hours.

Past Programs


Data for Impact 101 Intensive 

Held during the spring of 2018, the Data for Impact 101 intensive provided students with an opportunity to learn the tools of the data analytics trade and apply them to and gain an understanding of unique social or environmental challenges. This instructive, fast-paced intensive was suited for students that wanted to develop or refine data skills in Python and use data analytics to inform decision making in their careers.

Online Resources

Below are links to other centers at Yale where you can support your interest in the technology and sustainability intersection:

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People & Partners

Stephen Early

Master's Candidate and GEM Fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design
Yale College 2020

Ben Soltoff

MBA 2019
Master of Environmental Management 2019