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PB& (Plant-based And)

PB& (Plant-based And)

‘Plant-based and' because plant-based is more than just veggie burgers and tofu. Plant-Rich Diets is the number four most impactful area for fighting climate change according to Paul Hawken’s Drawdown as meat consumption causes one-fifth of total global emissions. It's a possible $100 billion market that businesses from startups like Impossible Foods to major companies like Tyson are investing in for a more diverse and sustainable protein landscape. When also viewed through the lens of food security, public health, animal welfare, and wildlife conversation, plant-based foods and alternative proteins could increasingly become one of the most important levers of change in our food system.

With student interest in food growing every year, the PB& initiative provides a space for students across campus to explore the nexus of food and social impact. A speaker series will share the various actors that are working in the space and how they are approaching the future of food and impact. Through additional learning and entrepreneurship opportunities, PB& will also help provide knowledge on digging into what this space actually needs to transform our current food system, and help grow startups for students interested in joining the space. Events and programming in this initiative are focused on honest ways for students to make social and sustainability impacts through the lens of plant-based foods.

Speaker Series

As part of this initiative, we will host a speaker series welcoming various actors that are working in the space and how they are approaching the future of food and impact.  Speakers coming to campus are listed below in the "Upcoming Events" section.

Tsai CITY Intensive

Alternative Protein 101

Do you want to engage with the transformation of the food system towards a more responsible one that also reduces the continuous methane belching of ruminants? In the Alternative Protein 101 Intensive, you will learn about the impacts of animal agriculture on our health and environment, and how food innovation is bringing us closer to alternatives that delight consumers with a fraction of the negative impacts. Whether that's through "clean" meat (also known as lab-grown meat) or through well thought-out plant-based foods, the fabric of our food system is changing (socially, ethically, and environmentally) and you don't want to be the one still belching when the legumes come to town. All those interested in learning more about the future of food and the social impact of food should apply, regardless of your current dietary practices!

This intensive has ended.  Check back for future opportunities!

Previous Events

People & Partners

Heather Fitzgerald

Associate Director at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Marisa Repka

Co-Founder & CFO at Cambium Carbon
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Program Alumni

Maki Tazawa