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Climate Change Solutions Generator

Inspiration to Action

Climate Change Solutions Generator

The Climate Change Solutions Generator (CCSG) offers students the opportunity to join a passionate community, get inspired and informed about key challenges and opportunities for innovation, and hatch a solution aimed at creating meaningful, positive impact in solving the global challenge of climate change. The 8-week Generator will feature a weekly curriculum of guest speakers and skills-building workshops covering critical aspects of Climate Change Innovation — from design-thinking to policy innovation to financing models.

In combination with CCSG workshops, students will be asked to attend outside programming (such as relevant speaker series or conferences), to ignite a focus area of interest that will serve as the basis for hatching a Climate Change Solution by the end of the Generator. Solutions can include entrepreneurial ideas, social innovations, impact investing theses, policy design, and others. The final two weeks of the Generator will provide a forum for workshopping ideas with the support of the CCSG leadership team.

Organized in collaboration with the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale.

Why join the Climate Change Solutions Generator?

  • Join a community of students across Yale who are passionate about climate change solutions and have the opportunity to meet mentors, professionals, and professors that are leaders in the area of climate change and innovation.
  • Learn innovation skills that can be used to innovate within organizations, evaluate other innovators, or become an innovator yourself.
  • Develop expertise in the key challenges to addressing climate change, and generate ideas for cutting-edge solutions.
  • Prepare for later Yale entrepreneurship and innovation programming opportunities, such as the Climate Change Innovation Seed Grant and accelerator programs, or other goals.


Time: 9-11am Fridays

Dates: Six weekly sessions starting 2/8/2019

Location: Tsai CITY (254 Elm St.)

How to get involved:

  1. Apply for the Climate Change Solutions Generator by Friday January 25, 2019. [Applications are now closed.]
  2. Email Ben Soltoff ( with any questions.
  3. This Generator is open to students from across Yale.

People & Partners

Ben Soltoff

Environmental Innovation Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment and Tsai CITY
MBA 2019
Master of Environmental Management 2019
Ben Soltoff

Peter Boyd

Founder & CEO at Time4Good Group
Peter  Boyd

Program Alumni