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CBEY Alumni Visiting Experts

Because the intersection of business and the environment is a relatively new space, there is a lot of room for new ideas to take root. CBEY supports students interested in the creation of new nonprofit and commercial organizations, business models, or other innovations that address pressing environmental challenges. 

CBEY Alumni Visiting Experts

Since its launch in the spring of 2018, the Yale Center for Business and Environment has connected over 200 students to Yale alumni through the Alumni Visiting Expert series. The series seeks to sponsor alumni back to campus as a resource for students. Every year, a cohort of professionals across different industries devote time to meet with students and discuss anything from industry trends, career advice and offer coursework support. Each Expert meets with students throughout the year and when possible, joins us for an event on campus. 

2019-2020 Cohort

Craig Bida

Director at FutureLab on Mobility
B.A. 1988
MBA 1999

Luis Felipe Duchicela

​Senior Advisor for Indigenous Peoples’ Issues  at USAID
MPPM 1984

Ken Inadomi

Executive Director at NYPACE
B.A. 1976

Radha Kuppalli

Managing Director, Investor Services at New Forests
MBA 2006
Master of Environmental Management 2006

Kevin Ogorzalek

Sustainable Sourcing Manager at Barry Callebaut
Master of Environmental Science 2006

Agata Smeets

Sustainability Sourcing Strategy at Gap Inc.
B.A. 2006

Sarah Wilson

Senior Director, Responsible Investing at Nuveen
MBA 2015
Master of Environmental Management 2015

Available Office Hours

Available Office Hours

Craig Bida | Spring 2020 Dates: 2/19/2020 | Sign up here

Luis Felipe Duchicela | Spring 2020 Dates: Forthcoming

Ken Inadomi | Spring 2020 Dates: 2/20/2020 | Sign up here  | Available Upon Request, to schedule, please email

Radha Kuppalli | Dates: 1/30/20 | Sign up here

Kevin Ogorzalek | Spring 2020 Dates: 2/6/2020 | Sign up here

Agata Smeets | Spring 2020 Dates: 2/21/2020 | Sign up here

Sarah Wilson | Spring 20202 Dates: 2/7/2020 | Sign up here

Areas of Expertise


-Craig Bida

-Kenneth Inadomi 


-Craig Bida 

Public-Private Partnerships

-Craig Bida 

Sustainable Development Goals

-Luis Felipe Duchicela

Areas of Expertise

Indigenous Peoples' Rights

-Luis Felipe Duchicela

Social Impact

-Kenneth Inadomi 

Timber/Conservation Finance

-Radha Kuppalli 

Career advice/resume feedback

-Radha Kuppalli 

Areas of Expertise

Food and Agriculture

-Kevin Ogorzalek 

Supply Chain Sustainability

-Kevin Ogorzalek 

-Agata Smeets

Corporate Sustainability

-Agata Smeets 

Responsible Investing/ESG Factors

-Sarah Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

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Previous Cohorts

The 2018-2019 Cohort

The 2018-2019 Cohort

Suzette Carty

Claire Henly

Matthew Thurston

Jeffrey Schub

William Pott

The 2017-2018 Cohort

Seth Dunn

Jenny McColloch

Robert Paley

Doug Rand

People & Partners

Kylee Chang

Master of Environmental Management 2019

Heather Fitzgerald

Associate Director at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Stuart DeCew

Executive Director at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
MBA 2011
Master of Environmental Management 2011

Program Alumni

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