Yale GreenLight

Yale GreenLight is designed to give organizations an opportunity to take advantage of the multidisciplinary experiences and skills that Yale University students possess.


GreenLight hosts a series of ideation workshops with leaders of organizations at the intersection of business and the environment. Ideation workshops are highly interactive, fast-paced sessions designed to generate new and innovative solutions to complex challenges. They are used by some of the world’s most celebrated design and innovation consultancies, and are a popular component of the Yale School of Management core curriculum.

The Clients

GreenLight clients are leaders from companies and organizations with a keen interest in the environment and natural resources. They see a trip to Yale as more than just a chance to give a slide presentation and field questions: they want to tap into the experience and skills of Yale’s diverse student body. Clients work with the GreenLight team to identify and craft the challenge they want to tackle during their ideation session. Well-designed questions are realistic in scope and ripe for a new approach or creative solution.

Clients walk away with:

  • A set of innovative new ways of framing and solving a critical challenge facing their business or organization
  • Experience with a new process they can bring back to their own teams
  • First-hand experience with potential job candidates

The Students

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Businesses come to us with some of the gnarliest challenges they’re facing, and we facilitate half-day generative design sprints with students all across Yale to provide fresh thinking and multidisciplinary point of views on those issues.

  • GreenLight sessions are open to the entire Yale student body
  • Space is limited (approximately 40 participants per session) to ensure the sessions run smoothly
  • When oversubscribed, priority is granted to students committed to preparing for the session and bringing relevant background and expertise

The Process

  1. Introduce: Client identifies and explains their challenge, GreenLight team explains the method for the day.
  2. Reframe: Split participants into small groups to disassemble and reframe the challenge presented by the client. Participants bring back their reframing for feedback from the client and larger group.
  3. Brainstorm: Small groups work on identifying creative solutions to the newly reframed challenge—nothing is out of the question at this stage!
  4. Coalesce: Small groups work to combine and sharpen solutions, and present them back to the group and client for feedback.


Partners include CBEY, Yale SOM Design & Innovation Club, Professor Rodrigo Canales, alumni from leading design & innovation consultancies including Ideo, SYPartners, ideas42.

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