Sustainable Finance Monthly Seminar

As part of its emerging Initiative on Sustainable Finance, Yale hosts a monthly seminar series welcoming leading practitioners who are working to overcome challenges and create systems to develop comparable metrics within and across sectors.


Investors are often faced with a bewildering array of questionnaires, analytics, and research without a standardized method of comparing sustainability-specific information across companies. Even if companies provide assessments of risks and opportunities with regards to their varying commitments to sustainability, the decision of what to report—and how best to report it—has largely been left to the companies themselves.

Such inconsistency has led to a push for improved methods of reporting on corporate sustainability for mainstream investors. In this monthly seminar series, Yale invites an array of experts to discuss related challenges and solutions.  

Past speakers include SustainAbility's Rebecca O'Neill, JUST Capital's Martin Wittaker, Yale Lecturer in Sustainability Todd Cort and Kering's Helen Crowley

In 2018-2019 we are excited to welcome:

  • December 4, Adam Zurofsky, Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, will describe the development of climate and financial policies in New York State.
  • February 5, Amanda Wallace, JP Morgan, will describe the integration of ESG criteria in infrastructure investments
  • March 5, Ariane de Vienne, Oekom ISS, will describe the creation of ESG scores and information
  • April 2, Gresham Guy, BNY Mellon, will describe the challenges facing companies in their sustainability strategies and disclosure


Check out Yale's Initiative on Sustainable Finance for more information.

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