Sustainable Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Teams of graduate students work as sustainability consultants for start-ups runs by their peers.


Now in its third iteration, the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Consultancy (formerly Social Entrepreneurship Consultancy) occupies a unique niche in Yale’s entrepreneurial landscape. The consultancy brings together teams of graduate student consultants to spend the Spring semester collaborating with a student entrepreneur to tackle a sustainability challenge.

SEC gives entrepreneurs access to a dedicated team of skilled individuals who are passionate about solving sustainability problems. Through SEC, entrepreneurs can step outside of the day-to-day management of their ventures to tackle complex problems critical to their ventures’ future success. SEC allows student entrepreneurs an opportunity to harness the knowledge of fellow students to validate the feasibility of their venture and determine a clear direction and path forward in their pursuit.

On the consulting side, SEC provides consultants with hands-on experience working to support and advise an environmental startup. Through SEC, students learn frameworks to successfully navigate the client-consultant relationship and have the unique opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to complex business problems in a team setting.

Independent project work will be supported and supplemented throughout the course of the semester by brief interactive classroom sessions, a breadth of external speaker events, and regular consultations with experienced advisors.

The consultancy is available for academic credit as an independent study and involves a brief curriculum followed by independent group work. Students from all graduate programs are welcome to apply.


We are currently seeking entrepreneurs and consultants for Spring 2019:

  • Entrepreneur applications are due Wednesda,y November 28th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. and available online here
  • Consultant applications will be made available in January 2019.


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Emily Auerbach ( or Emma Broderick (

2018 Ventures

Student-run ventures that received consulting services in the Spring 2018 semester are:


Aisha is a social enterprise that promotes circular fashion while providing employment for underprivileged female refugees. This company diverts used clothing and textile before they reach the landfill and transforms waste fabric into stunning new garments and ethnic crafts.


Covenant Bison

Covenant Bison is developing an investment model aimed at helping cattle ranchers convert from cattle to bison. The goal is to provide ranchers with an opportunity to enter into a more regenerative agriculture model and use bison ranching as a market solution to prairie conservation.


Shelterwood Medicinals

Shelterwood Medicinals is a for-profit herbal health and wellness enterprise that supports farms dedicated to social justice and ecological resilience. We partner with our farms to create health products that are rooted in social mission and that result in a stable revenue source for smallholder activist farmers. By leveraging partnerships and tapping into the growing appetite for healthier ways of life, Shelterwood  Medicinals catalyzes revolutionary work in food justice, holistic health accessibility, and farmer diversity.



Treehouse Trading

Treehouse Trading works with smallholder farmers in Ethiopia to produce and market products that are grown in forests (e.g. spices, gums/resins, tree fruits, honey). The business model aims to prove that we can combat deforestation through improving farmers’ incomes from non-timber forest products by creating market linkages between farmers and final consumers. Our first product will be honey, which we’ll source from farmers in the southwest of Ethiopia, and then clean, filter, bottle, brand, and export to cities in the US. The consultancy will focus largely on market research and/or .developing a marketing and branding strategy

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