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Planetary Problems Require Planetary Solutions

PSG Student Participants
Planetary Solutions Generator 2022 organizers
Top of page - the 2022 PSG participants!

Above - the organizers: Peter Boyd, Urvi Talaty, Victoria Mansfield, Pratima Garg, Maggie Thompson

The Planetary Solutions Generator offers Yale students the opportunity to participate in a passionate and inspired community of innovators. These students want to get in the “sandbox” and create new ideas and possible ventures that can help mitigate impacts of the climate change crisis.

This year, seven teams of students spent six weeks working to generate impactful solutions to planetary problems – including policy, business, finance, and social – from a systems-thinking perspective. 

During the Planetary Solutions Generator Showcase on March 10, 2022, each team had the chance to present their solutions in front of a live audience, answer questions, and receive feedback. 

We know planetary problems require planetary solutions.

Here’s what they proposed: