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Nora Barger, Director of Project Development at Urban Ingenuity

Nora Barger

Nora is the Director of Project Development at Urban Ingenuity, a mission-driven clean energy developer in Washington, DC.  Nora works with potential partners and project sites from initial engagement through project scoping, design, and implementation.  Her passion is merging clean energy development with community development to promote a just transition to a clean energy economy that generates wealth for the people and places that need it the most. An urban planner by education, Nora is an active member of the Town of Davidson’s Planning Board and the Sustainability Committee Co-chair, working to help the town reach its carbon neutrality goals.  When not immersing herself in all things clean energy, Nora is a mom to her 8 and 9-year-old daughters, an avid runner, gardener, and a recovering yoga teacher.


Hear from participant Nora Barger (FDCE '23) about her experience in the Financing and Deploying Clean Energy certificate program. Each student comes to this program with unique professional and lived experiences that enrich the program and help others see new perspectives across various facets of the work happening in clean energy.

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