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Luis Aguirre-Torres, Senior Adviser at Rewiring America

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Hear from participant Luis Aguirre-Torres (FDCE '22) about his experience in the Financing and Deploying Clean Energy certificate program. Each student comes to this program with unique professional and lived experiences that enrich the program and help others see new perspectives across various facets of the work happening in clean energy.

Dr. Luis Aguirre-Torres is a Senior Adviser at Rewiring America, the leading electrification nonprofit in the United States, with the purpose of making electrification simple, measurable, and inevitable. His specific focus is on articulating and empowering community-scale electrification projects. Prior to joining Rewiring America, he was the director of sustainability for the City of Ithaca, where he led the design and implementation of the first city-scale electrification program in the United States (while completing the Yale Financing and Deploying Clean Energy certificate program!). 

Luis Aguirre Torres (FDCE '22) on what sets the FDCE program apart

Luis Aguirre Torres (FDCE '22) on the value of the FDCE Program

Luis Aguirre Torres (FDCE '22) on why he choose the FDCE Program

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