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Jennifer Brown, Energy and Olefins Specialist at Braskem

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer has spent over a decade in various energy trading roles with companies such as BHP, Dow Chemical, and Air Liquide. She is currently working in energy procurement and logistics for an international petrochemicals company.

Jennifer holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Arkansas. She is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers and is a Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP). Jennifer is currently pursuing a graduate certificate in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy at Yale University. After completion of the program, she plans on helping rural and underserved communities participate in the clean energy transition.

When she’s not thinking about energy equity, Jennifer enjoys cycling, rooting for her favorite sports teams, traveling, and gardening. She currently resides in Houston, TX with her partner.


Hear from participant Jennifer Brown (FDCE '23) about her experience in the Financing and Deploying Clean Energy certificate program. Each student comes to this program with unique professional and lived experiences that enrich the program and help others see new perspectives across various facets of the work happening in clean energy.

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