Executive Voices in Sustainability 2017:

Executive Voices in Sustainability: Scott McCord


What brought you to Yale?

After doing a significant research on universities to attend, the focus area sustainability and the feel of the school were the deciding factor. Sustainability is a rising concern amongst most industries, especially mine, and increasing my understanding of the changing landscape was major factor of my decision.

How have you impacted sustainable practices in your career?

Through discussions at work I have brought up the importance of sustainability and its relevance in our industry.

What challenges do you see for sustainability in your industry?

Being a service-based company in the energy industry, sustainability is critical. Margins are very tight and negative externalities can be devastating for businesses. There still is a feeling that sustainable practices erode the margin and the main challenge is change this perception.

Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise your classmates.

I competed several times in the Junior Olympics in Tae Kwon Do.

Current Position

Firm: Halliburton
Position: Technical Professional, Hire To Country Manager Program
Duration: 2013-Present
Responsibility: Halliburton’s Hire to Country Manager Program is a fast track program designed to provide experience in all facets of Halliburton Bariod operations in preparation to assume the role of Country Manager. Working through this program has given a firm understanding of upstream oil and gas operations. This has been combined with experience in managing a commodity-based business during challenging times.

Contact Information

Twitter: @Scott_A_McCord