Executive Voices in Sustainability 2018:

Executive Voices in Sustainability: Nicole Doyle


What brought you to Yale?

A friend and co-worker of mine graduated from the program in 2013. He had so many positive and encouraging things to say about the program and the amazing 2 years he spent at Yale that I was instantly convinced that I wanted to attend!

How have you impacted sustainable practices in your career?

Unfortunately I have not had a lot of exposure to sustainable business practices just yet so I can’t say I’ve contributed too much in this arena.

What challenges do you see for sustainability in your industry?

I work in the P&C insurance industry and I’m truly still learning how we can make an impact on society in terms of sustainable business practices. I do think The Hartford has made great strides in the past few years and we have a number of FTE’s focused solely on our sustainability practices.

Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise your classmates.

I am huge soccer fan! Most days if you walked into my house there would be a soccer game on TV, it really wouldn’t matter the league (BPL, COPA, Euro leagues, even MLS!). That said, my favorite team is Manchester United (Go RED!).

Current Position

Firm: The Hartford
Position: Head of Legal Operations and Strategy
Duration: 4 years
Responsibility: I oversee all of the Legal operations for the firm including billing, matter management, budget and forecasting, technology and strategic planning

Contact Information

Email: Nicole.Doyle@thehartford.com