Executive Voices in Sustainability 2018:

Executive Voices in Sustainability: Manan Sheth


What brought you to Yale?

Being a technology lover, I always wanted to have impact on future of humanity. To me contributing to the environmental sustainability is the noble way to approach that. Delivering a strong impact through technology not only requires understanding of science but also business management. Having strong engineering background, I wanted to expose myself more to the business side of the world through further education.Three things mainly attracted me to pursue my MBA at Yale - 1) Yale’s distinct management and organization focused integrated core curriculum, 2) leadership development program & 3) Sustainability focus area/Center for Business and Environment.

How have you impacted sustainable practices in your career?

At Oxford Instruments, I was part of the product development team that has contributed to environmental sustainability through designing and manufacturing unique products that empower the fusion energy industries and provide clean sustainable energy solutions for future generations. We are also driving sustainable operations (Green manufacturing) concept to reduce energy use and waste from operations.

What challenges do you see for sustainability in your industry?

The quest for sustainability is already starting to transform the competitive landscape, and keeping sustainability as a focus while developing new products, technologies, processes and business models will be an advantage for any manufacturing industry. Driving a sustainable operations will require new efforts in making value chains sustainable. People like myself who are in operations management have a huge responsibility to keep sustainability as a focus while developing new products, technologies, processes and business models in future endeavors.

Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise your classmates.

I tend to get a wide-eyed look from people when I reveal that I have a personal library full of books on human psychology and spirituality.

Current Position

Firm: Oxford Instruments
Position: Value Stream Manager
Duration:1 year
Responsibility: Lead a cross functional team of 24 people and manage operations that delivers $4M+ annual revenue

Contact Information

Email: manan.sheth@yale.edu​