Executive Voices in Sustainability 2018:

Executive Voices in Sustainability: Corey Lesniak


What brought you to Yale?

My career aspiration is to make electric power generation more sustainable.  I decided to join the EMBA program in the sustainability focus because I believe it will give me the tools necessary to make a greater contribution to powering our planet in better ways. 

Also I was very impressed by the people I met during the application process. I am lucky to be part of this program and community.

How have you impacted sustainable practices in your career?

My career to date has been focused on fossil fuel power generation technologies and building large scale power plants.  I have exposure to pollution control technologies which mitigate the effects of environmental pollutants emitted from coal and gas fired power plants.  Also I have been involved with implementing cutting-edge technologies that are pushing the boundaries of fossil fuel efficiency. I have some exposure to wind and solar technologies as well.

What challenges do you see for sustainability in your industry?

The most critical challenges in fossil power generation are related to pollution and emissions.  Many environmentally friendly technologies decrease profitability (the most notable exceptions being those that increase efficiency).  Also, the market for fossil fuels is currently experiencing high supply and low cost, there is reduced pressure to turn to renewable technologies.  Government policies, regulations and incentives further complicate these matters.

That said, I think that there are pretty interesting things that could be done to make power generation more sustainable.  I hope to use my time at Yale to explore some of these ideas.

Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise your classmates.

I love to downhill ski and I grew up in upstate New York, one of the better regions of the country for the sport.  However, I didn’t start skiing until well into my 20’s when I lived in Chicago, a city in arguably the flattest area of the world.

Current Position

Firm: General Electric
Position: Project Engineering Manager
Duration: 2014 - Present
Responsibility: Lead engineer responsible for execution of contracts to supply power plant equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, boilers and heat recovery steam generators. 

Contact Information

Email: corey.lesniak@yale.edu
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/corey-lesniak-9baa7565