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Connected Leadership

A New Peter Boyd Course on Coursera To Help You Create Maximum Positive Impact in Your Life and the World

Are you a rising professional looking to accelerate your career? Maybe you’re already leading your initiative, team, start-up or organization and are  looking for the tools to take your vision to the next stage? Or are you a long-time leader seeking a new direction for the next chapter?

Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd, Instructor

For over 20 years, Peter Boyd has advised, worked on, and led dynamic organizations focused on tackling system-level challenges. Now, Peter has launched Connected Leadership, an online course designed to inspire and empower a broad audience of curious leaders to maximize their abilities to create a positive impact in their lives and in the world. 

Available on Coursera, enrollment in this class is free and open to anyone. You can take it at your own pace in your own time, though Peter advises to take the course ‘with a buddy’ so you can compare answers and responses to the tools as you go. An official Certification of Completion is available for a small fee after the completion of all the course material, but is not required.

Connected Leadership is an integrated model for understanding and seeing leadership within ourselves (whatever our position), in our team and through to the system we operate in and want to improve. It breaks down traditional notions of leadership rooted in hierarchy, and replaces them with a framework that is rooted in connection - to the things you value most, and to the world around you.

Participants in the course will learn to identify and connect to their purpose, priorities, potential and progress (‘the four P’s’), at the individual, team, and system level.

“Ever since joining Yale, I’ve been excited to provide an integrated suite of the best leadership tools possible, to all the incredible leaders that may not have the time or resources to study here. I am excited to work for a world where everyone can see their purpose-driven path to ‘Great Work1’”

- Peter Boyd, Instructor

In this self-paced, five-week course, participants will learn a framework for identifying their individual purpose, priorities, vision of potential success, and how to hold themselves accountable for progress. They’ll apply these principles at the team level, exploring the connections between their purpose and that of their team and how to leverage those connections to maximize their team’s performance. Finally, at the system level, they’ll identify an important problem they want to address and create an action-oriented plan to drive positive change. Along the way, they’ll use practical exercises - grounded in research and coaching experience - to maximize their time, maintain positive momentum, and get everything that matters to them written down on one page.

“Over the years, I’ve helped to develop a number of courses at Yale. Peter’s course stands out in that the principles can be useful to anyone, regardless of their specific career or life stage. If you’re navigating a challenge and need a framework that goes beyond traditional leadership strategies, look no further.” - Catherine Kennedy, Yale Online Programs Administrator

Participants who complete this course will:

  • Improve their ability to get the most out of life
  • Strengthen their leadership toolkit
  • Practice and apply system thinking to plans for change

Learn more and register for Connected Leadership here!


1"The Great Work" by Thomas Berry is one of many inspirations for this course - more context provided in the course material!

About Peter Boyd:

Mr. Boyd is the Founder & CEO at Time4Good, and currently serves as a Lecturer at Yale School of the Environment and a Resident Fellow at the Yale Center for Business and the Environment. He began his career working with McKinsey & Company and Virgin Group, and now serves on the Expert Peer Review Group for the UN’s Race to Zero campaign as well as the Distinguished Advisory Group for The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market. Read more about him here.