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CBEY Funds Six Cutting-Edge Research Projects on Sustainability

Weyerhaeuser Memorial Fund & Sobotka Collaborative Research Grants fund six faculty and student research projects

CBEY Funds Six Cutting-Edge Research Projects on Sustainability

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) has awarded six grants to Yale students and faculty to help support their research at the intersection of business and the environment. Two programs have funded these grants: The F.K. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Fund focuses on supporting interdisciplinary faculty research to advance practical solutions to critical environmental challenges. The Sobotka Collaborative Research Grant enables Yale students and faculty to work together on applied research projects that contribute new insights into critical questions faced by professionals and policy makers.

Recipients of the Weyerhaeuser grants include researchers working on:

  • Methods to increase the adoption of toilet usage in Kenya, critical to the prevention of disease [Judith Chevalier (Yale SOM), A. Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale SOM), Johann Caro Burnett (FAS), Berhe Beyene (USI-Africa)];
  • A field experiment designed to understand the most effective methods for protecting the Chilean Hake Fish, whose population is nearing collapse. Findings will be generalizable to other resource management settings [Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak (Yale SOM), Andres Gonzalez (UC-Berkeley)]; and
  • Case studies around challenges and best practices of bringing sustainability into day-to-day business strategy in emerging markets [Daniel Esty (Yale SOM/YLS/FES), Isabel Studer (EGADE)].

The Sobotka Collaborative grants will support three other projects:

  • The exploration of current measurements of environmental impacts of various fixed income instruments, including green bonds [Todd Cort (Yale SOM), Cary Krosinsky (Yale College), Logan Yonavjak (Yale SOM/FES), Patrick Reed (Yale College)];
  • A study analyzing whether product ‘reuse’ is actually environmentally sound [George Newman (Yale SOM), Tamar Makov (Yale FES)]; and
  • A mostly theoretical analysis of whether economic globalization has constrained domestic social and environmental policies [Ben Cashore (Yale FES), Michaela Foster (Yale FES), Chelsea Judy (Yale FES)].

“Students and faculty at Yale are pushing the global conversation on sustainability through cutting-edge applied research on the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges," said CBEY program director Stuart DeCew SOM ’11, FES ’11. "The research projects funded this year show the breadth and depth of expertise at Yale and the commitment of faculty and students to areas of critical need.”

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