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CBEY and Tsai CITY Go Beyond the Buzzwords

A new multimedia site breaks down several of the buzzwords most often used in sustainable innovation

Have you ever felt that cool concepts get mired in complex vocabulary? It’s a problem for many students, staff, and faculty at Yale, particularly those who are branching out from their background to explore interdisciplinary projects.

This week, CBEY has joined forces with the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY) to create a new multimedia site, Beyond the Buzzwords, which clarifies some of the opaque vocabulary often used in sustainable innovation. Each page includes a set of explanatory resources, carefully curated by Yale-connected experts. 

The site is launching with the following seven buzzwords, with a common theme of sustainability:

Industrial Ecology Screenshot
Each page defines a term and offers explanatory resources, carefully curated by Yale-connected experts.

This site aims to strike a unique tone for each page, reflecting the unique perspective of the curator, while also maintaining an overall sense of consistency across the site. The goal of a given page is similar to what a Yale student might get in the first session of an introductory course or in office hours with a faculty or staff member. It covers the basics for those who are unfamiliar or need a recap, and it lays a foundation for diving deeper.

The homepage of the site has a form to suggest additional buzzwords, for visitors who think there's more jargon in dire need of explanation. CBEY and Tsai CITY welcome suggestions from anyone, but particularly from Yale experts who might be able to curate a future page.

Beyond the Buzzwords was built collaboratively by:

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