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Our Community

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Sundara Bhandaram

Master of Environmental Management 2020

CB Bhattacharya

E.ON Chair Professor in Corporate Responsibility at ESMT European School of Management and Technology
CB  Bhattacharya

Arpita Bhattacharyya

Manager, Channel Operations and Project Development at SunPower Corporation
MBA 2016
Arpita  Bhattacharyya

Tim Bialecki

Master of Environmental Management 2019
Tim Bialecki

Craig Bida

Director at FutureLab on Mobility
B.A. 1988
MBA 1999
Craig Bida

Coral Bielecki

Online Programs Delivery Manager at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Master of Forest Science 2018
Coral Bielecki

Shimul Bijoor

Master of Environmental Management 2021
Shimul Bijoor

Jake A. Billhorn

Master of Environmental Management 2022
MBA 2022
Jake Billhorn-new

Inbar Blum

Sustainable Transportation Project Manager at Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel
Master of Advanced Management 2018
Inbar Blum

Bryan Bollinger

Assistant Professor of Marketing at Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business
Bryan  Bollinger

Mark Bomford

Director of Sustainability Services at Yale Sustainable Food Program
Mark  Bomford

Gina Boswell

President, Customer Development at Unilever NA
MBA 1989
Gina  Boswell

Toni Bouchard

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at SmartPower
Toni Bouchard

Vero Bourg-Meyer

Program Director for Clean Energy and Conservation Finance at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Master of Environmental Management 2015
Vero Bourg-Meyer