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Our Community

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Andrew Padian

Founder and President at PadianNYC Consulting

Jennifer Parsons

Senior Program Manager, Commercial Upstream Lighting, HVAC, Gas Water Heating and Food Service at National Grid

Tony Perrotta

Head of Sales & Revenue at Plastic Bank

Lance Pierce

President of Global Development at ADEC Innovations

Cameron Plese

US Representative for the at Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Karlis Povisils

Senior Vice President of Development at Apex Clean Energy
MBA 2010

Maria Redmond

Director at Wisconsin Office of Sustainability and Clean Energy

Sue Reid

Vice Dresident of Climate and Energy at Ceres

Paul Reig

Senior Manager, Water Program and Business Center at World Resources Institute

Paul Rice

Founder, President & CEO at Fair Trade USA

Carrie Rich

Co-Founder & CEO at The Global Good Fund

Rick Ridgeway

Vice President, Environmental Initiatives and Special Media Projects at Patagonia

Jackie Roberts

Managing Director & Chief Sustainability Officer at The Carlyle Group
B.A. 1984
MBA 1989
Master of Environmental Science 1989

Andy Rose

Supply Chain Planner at TerraCycle/Loop