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Sophie Beckham

Chief Sustainability Officer at International Paper Company
Master of Forestry 2002

Lindsey Brace Martinez

Founder and CEO at StarPoint Advisors, LLC
MBA 1995
Master of Environmental Science 1995

John Cogan

Partner at Centerview Partners
MBA 1999

Alexandra Cooley

Chief Investment Officer at Greenworks Lending from Nuveen
Master of Environmental Management 2012
MBA 2012

Marc Daudon

President at The Caspian Group LLC
Principal & Co-Founder at Cascadia Consulting Group
MPPM 1982

Dan Emmett

Chairperson at Douglas Emmett, Inc.

Donovan Ervin

Vice President, Investment Group at Tiedemann Advisors
MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Paulette Frank

Chief Sustainability Officer at Johnson & Johnson
Master of Environmental Science 1996

Bryan Garcia

President and CEO at Connecticut Green Bank
Master of Environmental Management 2000

Daniel Gross

Lecturer at Yale University
Director, Climate Pledge Fund at Amazon
MBA 1998
Master of Environmental Management 1998
BA 1992

Namrita Kapur

Lecturer in the Practice at Yale School of Management
Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
MBA 1997
Master of Environmental Management 1997

Liddy Karter

Managing Partner at Mizzen Capital
MBA 1984

Radha Kuppalli

Executive, Investor, Board Director
MBA 2006
Master of Environmental Management 2006

Joanne Landau

President and Corporate Director at Kurtsam Realty Corp.
MBA 1984

Jan Lo

Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Product Design at Lo & Sons
B.A. 1998