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Forest Abbott-Lum

Climate Action Planner at Rincon Consultants, Inc
Master of Environmental Management 2021

Tushar Agarwal

Project Management Senior Analyst at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Nikola Alexandre

Co-founder and Executive Director at Shelterwood Collective
MBA 2018
Master of Forestry 2018

Saed Alizamir

Associate Professor of Operations Management at Yale School of Management

Erik Anderson

Solar Developer at Candela Renewables
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Emily Auerbach

Innovation Manager at Mattson: Innovation for the Food & Beverage Industry
MBA 2020
Masters of Environmental Management 2020

Will Baker

Sustainable energy infrastructure at Clearway Energy, Inc
MBA 2021

Bridget Barnes

Associate Manager, Sustainability at Beautycounter
Master of Environmental Management 2021