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Our Community

Our Community

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Claire Henly

Managing Director Development Hub at Energy Web Foundation
B.S. 2008

Fernando Herrero Sin

Co-Founder and General Manager at Morafresca SPR de RL
MBA 2014
Master of Environmental Management 2014

Duncan Hinkle

Director of Business Development at Sunlight Financial
MBA 2016

Eitan Hochster

VP of Business Development at Odyssey Energy Solutions
MBA 2016
Master of Environmental Management 2016

Franz Hochstrasser

CEO and Founder at New Haven Community Solar
MBA 2018

Julia Hofmann

MBA 2021
Master of Environmental Management 2021

Kristofer Holz

Vice President at Inclusive Prosperity Capital
MBA 2018
Master of Environmental Management 2018

Andy Holzhauser

Chief Executive Officer at Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Mike Hopkins

CEO at Stealth

Jeff Howard

Environmental Analyst, Office of Climate Change at CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

Bert Hunter

Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer at Connecticut Green Bank

Jasmine Hyman

Principal Consultant at E Co.
PhD in Environmental Management 2017

Carlos Ibarra

Master of Environmental Management 2020

Joe Indvik

MBA 2021