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Our Community

Our Community

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Anthony Clark

Associate Director, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Programs at Connecticut Green Bank
MBA 2014

Chris Clement

Managing Partner & Founder at Deep Impact Capital
MBA 2008

John Cogan

Partner at Centerview Partners
MBA 1999

Jeff Cohen

MBA For Executives 2021

Charles Coit

Manager: Strategy and Planning at Amadeus IT Group
MBA 2016

Todd Cort

Lecturer in Sustainability at Yale School of Management
Faculty Co-Director at Yale Center for Business and the Environment

Santiago Cortes

ESG Manager at AMERRA Capital
Master of Environmental Management 2017

Jordan Cozby

Yale College 2020

David Crane

Senior Operating Executive at Pegasus Capital Advisors

Corey Creedon

Research Consultant at African People & Wildlife
Master of Environmental Management 2018

Jane Culkin

Master of Environmental Management 2019